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lady_wakasa [userpic]

Available in DVD Land...

June 13th, 2006 (08:19 pm)

In honor of the World Cup (at least you can take it that way):

Edition Filmmuseum 08

Two German silent classics dealing with soccer: Die elf Teufel (The Eleven Devils) starring Gustav Fröhlich (Metropolis) and König der Mittelstürmer (King of the Centre Forwards) starring Paul Richter (Die Nibelungen). ... An early film document showing a 1924 soccer game between Germany and Italy is included as a special feature to this 2-disc edition.

BTW, The Eleven Devils sounds like a poor / honest vs. rich / evil rich team kind of movie, which actually sounds funny. Sometimes there isn't anything new under the sun. %^}

And it's region free, so "I don't have a multiregion DVD player" isn't going to fly this time! S%^}