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lady_wakasa [userpic]

Bits and Pieces

June 24th, 2006 (02:40 pm)

current mood: giddy

WELL,... a few things to discuss:

  • Reading The Guardian yesterday, I came across this:

    Become a movie producer - for $1
    Here's the pitch: a Bay Area motel room at night. A young couple, Tao and Bella. A phone call. An urgent message. They have to get to Los Angeles to get Tao's little brother, Leo, out of custody and into a drug rehab unit before 8 o'clock the next evening - or Leo gets sent to prison for two years. It's a quest. It's an odyssey through the streets and hidden worlds of Los Angeles. It's about brothers, drugs and love. It's called The Fix.
    The film-makers are also on a bit of quest. They start shooting in January and they need $250,000 to finance the film. So the director, Tao Ruspoli, has hit upon what he believes is a unique approach to film finance and is using the internet to make it a reality: invest as little as $1 and you will not only become a credited associate producer but also have a vote to decide the next film the company makes.
Checked out Tao Ruspoli's website, www.fixthemovie.com. He's about 1/10 of the way there. I'm kinda inclined to do this, and even to give him more than $1. Waaay more. (Although pretty much anything is waaay more than $1.)
  • More from The Guardian:

    Studio sues student over 9/11 film
    The budget for Oliver Stone's forthcoming movie about the September 11 attacks, starring Nicolas Cage, is $60m (about £33m). So it does not bode well that Paramount Pictures, the studio behind it, is worried that a 12-minute student art project, distributed free on the web, might be confused with the real thing.
    But that is the logic behind a copyright infringement lawsuit Paramount has filed against Chris Moukarbel, 28, who graduated from Yale University last month.
Oh, hello, Chris? Oliver Stone. O-l-i-v-e-r S-t-o-n-e. This is Oliver Stone we're talking about. Skip on going up against Oliver Stone - he won't learn anything from it.
  • An uh-oh moment from showbizdata.com (which I'm not going to vouch for):

    A merchant in phony documents in Shanghai has been bombarded with thousands of phone calls since the release of Mission: Impossible III, in which Tom Cruise is seen running past a white wall on which the phone number is written, the Los Angeles Times reported today (Wednesday).
So much for the PRC complaining about unflattering images about Shanghai ::ahem::...

And - after dfordoom's fantastic review at movie_greats, I found a copy of Sky West and Crooked in the UK and ordered it. It arrived today (the vendor most definitely did NOT sit on the order). Will take a look in the next couple of days.

Well, I'm off to see Pandora's Box. Again. And it looks like Criterion will be releasing it in the fall! More later.