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lady_wakasa [userpic]


July 6th, 2006 (07:46 pm)
current mood: anticipatory...

...I picked up The King and the Clown and Chunhyang from the post office today; they showed up five days from when they were shipped from Hong Kong.

For those who don't know about it, The King and the Clown (mentioned earlier) is a gay love triangle set in medieval Korea, between two itinerant travelling clowns and the king at the time (Yeonsan, a historical figure and a bit bonkers). This came from nowhere last winter to become the film with the highest Korean box office of all time - making instant stars of its leads (at least the males %^}). Given it brought people out in a very traditional society (where homosexuality isn't exactly accepted, although the situation is better than in the past), it'll be interesting to see what the deal is here. Although I'd like to see it on the big screen more than the tv screen. Just hasn't opened here, and it may not - I hear rumors of technical shortcomings.

I also hear rumors of angst, but I don't know much about the story. We'll see.

Chunhyang is the nth retelling of a Korean national myth. I saw this at the NY Film Festival when it first came out, and it was amazing. (The historian in me was very happy.) I heard that the Region 3 (Korean) version was better than the Region 1, so I went for it.

Chihwaseon arrived a couple weeks back. Now to figure out when to have my Koreafest...