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lady_wakasa [userpic]

The New York Korean Film Festival

August 28th, 2006 (09:10 pm)

current mood: bouncy

Ah, the New York Korean Film Festival...

Although this is its sixth year, I'd never heard of the NYKFF before; it was through surfing around my newfound interest in Korean movies that I found out it was coming to a city near me. And having missed the New York Asian Film Festival in June, I really wanted to catch some of the films.

So far on the roster have been

  • Shin Sung-Il is Lost
  • Forbidden Quest
  • Murder Take One
Reviews are in progress (well, I have to see them first).

The festival itself is what a festival should be. The venues are regular theaters; ImaginAsian and Anthology Film Archives are specialty houses, while the BAM Rose Cinema covers both first-run and special-interest movies. ImaginAsian, where I've been going, has the *barest* touch of sticky-floor seediness to it, enough to make it feel like a theater, not a monument. Not a big space, either; it looks like maybe a single screen, and fits 400-500 people. There's a concession stand out front, known to have samosas, shrimp chips, green tea cupcakes - although not for the KFF.

The festival feeling continues on in how the showings are handled: things are small enough to hold a raffle before each movie. I don't see those often (and I've never actually won one), but they're still a lot of fun. They give away posters, DVDs, and festival t-shirts; we're handed survey forms for each movie, with a number handwritten in the upper right corner. And the guy announcing is hilarious. One example: "I can't say I know the actors on this poster, but they're attractive. So you can take it home and look at the attractive people." Or for the poster for Rules of Dating, which is very red: "you can admire the colors on this poster."


...it's waaay redder in real life.

He's a hoot - and I get the feeling he knows he's a hoot.

And I'm seeing some really good films.

All in all, I'm having a great time. Looking forward to more.