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lady_wakasa [userpic]


September 22nd, 2005 (08:08 pm)

Found out that Enki Bilal's Bunker Palace Hôtel will be out on DVD on October 20th. In French. Only French. In France (Amazon.fr). I emailed First Look Home Entertainment, which distributed Immortel in the US. No plan there to release BPH.

Not sure what I'll do. When I got the Jean Vigo box from Amazon.fr, I found out my French was too far gone and there were no English subtitles. Another time, I waited two years and then decided to pick up Divine Intervention from the UK; within a month, Koch Lorber Films announced that they would release it in the US. Kind of a crap shoot all around.

Bunker Palace Hôtel is actually in a box with Immortel and, as much as I liked Immortel, I've already got two copies. That's actually a big reason to wait for a solo version. And they must've been milking that puppy, because there was also a deluxe limited edition 2-DVD version - French only - of Immortel that is now selling for 130 - 200 euros. Sheesh.

The Brownlow and Gill Unknown Chaplin is coming out as well. Chaplin's not my favorite, but Brownlow and Gill are, so I'll probably invest in that.