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lady_wakasa [userpic]

The 44th Annual New York Film Festival

October 1st, 2006 (04:27 pm)

It's that time of the year again...

© 2006 D. Gordon

... and Lincoln Center is really torn up.

Not the whole thing; just the area around Alice Tully Hall. But everything is a mess. The Broadway side of the block doesn't exist anymore.

The confusion leads into what's left of Alice Tully as well. Starting in 2001 (the festival started 2-3 weeks after 9/11), they've been very, very careful about searching bags - but not at the early evening showing I went to. (Things had gotten better for the later showing.) There's a smaller lobby area, no more room on the sidewalk outside, what seems to be fewer bathrooms, plus general pandemonium: with people milling about, wandering in and out, looking lost, getting mixed up with ticket buyers. One of the security guards (a kindly woman I've seen there for years) told me that next April the remaining part of Alice Tully Hall will be closed, and the next two festivals will be held somewhere else (possibly at Jazz At Lincoln Center, although the location keeps changing right now). So this festival, in some respects, is an ending - although I expect the 50th will be a big shebang.

And with that, the 44th annual New York Film Festival begins...

[For more information on the construction / transformation of Lincoln Center, see http://www.filmlinc.com/wrt/construction.html.]