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lady_wakasa [userpic]

In Memoriam

November 12th, 2006 (02:06 pm)

Just wanted to say that Doug Friedline, a campaign manager whom I worked with in 2001, died on Friday.

He specialized in independent campaigns, for the perennial underdogs. One of those underdogs won big: he's former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.

Doug was also featured in the recent documentary Anytown, USA, which featured a screwy race for mayor in the northern NJ town of Bogota.

Doug was crazy, and didn't always take care of himself, but he was brilliant. One thing he definitely believed in was opening the political process to everybody, not just the big-party moneyed Republicans and Democrats; I'm sure last Tuesday's results just pushed him harder because he would have seen it as merely switching off which group of madmen was running the asylum. I wish I had a tenth of his campaign smarts and bravado, and I'll definitely always remember the campaigns I worked on with him.

R.I.P., Doug.