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lady_wakasa [userpic]

Upcoming Japanese DVDs...

February 3rd, 2007 (12:49 pm)

current mood: oh-no!

I moved last weekend, and things have been busy with packing / unpacking, tying up last bits, etc. In addition, my phone jack isn't working and the cell phone reception is just about nonexistent so I haven't found my landlord yet to get repairing it straightened out (well, calling's difficult when you can't)... so no home internet access yet (I have dialup).

I have gotten to the library's computers a few times, though, and found this from the silent Japanese anime people...


Now in production... Two DVDs featuring Taki no Shiraito (The Water Magician), Tokyo Koshinkyoku (Tokyo March), Orizuru Osen (The Downfall of Osen), and a fragment of Tojin Okichi by Kenji Mizoguchi, and two other DVDs featuring Tsumasaburo Bando in Orochi (Serpent), Gyakuryu (Backward Flow), Yuki no Wataridori (Koina no Ginpei, Migratory Snow Bird), and Kosuzume Toge (Kosuzume Mountain Pass). Check back soon for details!


I have about 15 feet of DVDs and VHS tapes (although the tapes are stacked in 6-7 high bunches, so there's actually more). I don't have room for much more. (Okay, I don't have room for any more.) But I will be looking into those Mizoguchi DVDs!!!