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lady_wakasa [userpic]

The US Postal Service and You (or at least me)

April 6th, 2007 (10:02 pm)

current mood: burnt out

The tracking thing (i.e., Find Your Package in the System) is good, very good.

But if you're getting something from overseas:

  • and it's handed off to the USPS in the US (e.g., SF airport), the item shows up in the foreign tracking until it gets to SF – then it disappears until it's delivered.
  • and it's given directly to the USPS at the shipping point (e.g., the foreign airport) – it doesn't show up until it's delivered.
That's not very useful.

I actually mentioned this to one of the guys in the p-office, and he looked embarrassed (and it wasn't even his fault), so I backed off. (I've known these people for almost 13 years; in fact, the last time I renewed my po box they marked me as "postal customer known" so I didn't have to show any id.) I think that was also the day he gave me a lollipop (which was cherry, so I gave it to someone else, although I made sure to thank him profusely).

But at least I know my package from Hong Kong left around midnight Wednesday am (and I was still even awake), so it should be here in about 5 days. Interestingly enough, they put a hold on the funds in my bank account when I first ordered it, but it took more than three days for them to put the order together so the hold fell off – but I don't see the charge anywhere. Eh, it will show up in a day or two, I'm sure.

But I do have a $5 rebate certificate from YesAsia for spending entirely too much money with them.

This is how I know it's time to leave my job - I'm now talking about shipping practices.