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lady_wakasa [userpic]

Film Happenings To Come

May 13th, 2007 (09:07 pm)

Some news:

MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art in NYC) will be holding its annual To Save and Project preservation film festival in about a month's time. The festival runs June 1 - 18. Ben Model (accompanist extraordinaire) notes the following silents have been scheduled:

  • Cabiria (1914)
  • The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906) (surviving fragments)
  • End of the World (1916) - plus Koko's Earth Control (1928)
  • La Fille de l'eau (Whirlpool of Fate) (1925)
  • The Big Parade (1925)
  • Terge Vigen (1917)
  • Daughters Who Pay (1925)
  • For the Soul of Rafael (1920)
  • The Tower of Silence (1925)
More info at the MoMA website.


Also, Paprika should start its commercial run in NYC in a couple of weeks. Although I saw it last fall at the NY film festival, and the story requires some... concentration, it's still a beautiful film and I plan to snag the DVD whenever I can. Maybe the story is less bizarre when you know it, so you spend more time just watching.

And geez, they finally did something about the radioclub.jp domain name (key to the story), even if it's in Japanese. 404 no more.