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lady_wakasa [userpic]

Memorial Day Weekend, Part III

June 2nd, 2007 (04:19 pm)

A little late with this, but here you go.

Well, two main things for Sunday.

(1) - there's an exhibit in one of the minor halls at Grand Central Station (see Celluloid Skyline - New York & the Movies) focusing on - what else? - New York in the movies. It covers everything from early actualities (1896 or so) to movies in the past couple of years. A pretty good cross-section of films, from the early actualities (starting in 1896) to films shot in the last couple of years. Also interesting reflection of the history of the city itself. Not really enough for a full museum, but interesting all the same.

The people manning the exhibit are completely clueless, however. Don't bother asking them anything, they don't know. (I tried twice.)

(2) - went to see Paprika again. The AMC Empire 25 doesn't have as good a setup as Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, so the color wasn't as vivid and the sound - which is as important as the soundtrack is in Run Lola, Run - isn't quite as integrated. All that is really the theater's fault, though, not the film's. And the plot itself is still a slight bit clunky. But it's still a revelation for the US anime scene.