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lady_wakasa [userpic]

News Bits

June 9th, 2007 (10:44 pm)
current location: right in front of the tv

I recently found out somewhere (probably alt.movies.silent) about Cinema Epoch, an indie distributor. From their website:

With a distribution slate that includes internationally acclaimed arthouse films, contemporary American films and edgy cult & midnight works, Cinema Epoch has been inspired by the great 1970s film distributors World Northal and New World Pictures, who distributed such classic arthouse works as Nicholas Roeg's Bad Timing, Fitzcarraldo, Cries and Whispers,Quadrophenia, and The Tin Drum alongside such great grindhouse flicks such as Shogun Assassin, Death Race 2000, and the kung fu films of the legendary Shaw Brothers Film Studio.
They're also featuring The Chinese Film Classics Collection, a continuing series of historical films from China's Golden Age of Cinema (mostly silents).


Also, someone else on alt.movies.silent pointed out a Charlie Rose segment discussing Picasso, Braque, and early film in Cubism. It sounds really, really good, although my home machine can't deal with video (yes, I am getting a new one), so off to the library it will be for me.