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lady_wakasa [userpic]

More Japanese Silents Coming Your Way...

September 6th, 2007 (10:11 pm)

Digital-Meme is doing it again. Their Masterpieces of Japanese Silent Films set is getting close to a release date:

Digital Meme to Release Masterpieces of Japanese Silent Films on DVD

Digital Meme has news that is sure to excite film aficionados around the world. We will soon release Talking Silents, our long-awaited next series of products, featuring masterpieces of Japanese silent films. In Japan, silent films were not really "silent." Back in the age of silent films, the movie theaters in Japan fascinated audiences with exciting performances in which screenings were accompanied by live music and Benshi narration. Through its new DVD product Talking Silents Digital Meme brings back to life this unique Japanese cultural heritage in a digital format.

Talking Silents release schedule

To be released in October 2007
  • Talking Silents 1 Taki no Shiraito (The Water Magician) and Tokyo Koshinkyoku (Tokyo March), directed by Kenji Mizoguchi
  • Talking Silents 2 Orizuru Osen (The Downfall of Osen) and Tojin Okichi (a PR fragment), directed by Kenji Mizoguchi
To be released in November 2007
  • Talking Silents 3 Orochi (Serpent) and Gyakuryu (Backward Flow), featuring Tsumasaburo Bando
  • Talking Silents 4 Koina no Ginpei, Yuki no Wataridori (Koina no Ginpei, Migratory Snow Bird), and Kosuzume Toge (Kosuzume Pass), featuring Tsumasaburo Bando
¥4,980 (excluding tax) / ¥5,229 (with tax)

Talking Silents Special Features
  • Digital reproduction of the unique Japanese screening format from the silent films age, including orchestral musical accompaniment and Benshi narration
  • An option to select between the narrations by famous Benshi masters of the past and Ms. Midori Sawato, one of today's top Benshi performers
  • Bonus features including commentaries by the renowned film critic Tadao Sato and a word by the Benshi, Ms. Midori Sawato
  • Subtitles in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese for the hearing impaired.

Don't miss out on our special pre-order campaign! Order the DVD before September 30 and pay only ¥4,482 (before tax) (10% off the regular price).

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I'm supposed to be saving for this wedding in Australia. Sheesh, this is getting hard...