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lady_wakasa [userpic]

Thank You for Smoking

May 8th, 2006 (07:58 pm)
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My take on the book Thank You for Smoking: the story's been significantly rewritten (guess Hollywood wasn't confident that the original story would be broadly appealing, not like they've marketed the movie as a mainstream offering) - some characters are moved to the back and others brought forward. The story in the movie is more humanistic, while the actual book takes on a fantastical bent, a la The Orchid Thief. The cynical humor's in both, the general plot points are in both, but they're two different stories. Although I liked the movie a lot, and the book had some rough edges, I liked the ideas behind the book better.

I'd say more, but I've got a houseguest coming in a few days so I'd better work on the cleaning.