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lady_wakasa [userpic]

Some News

December 12th, 2007 (09:31 pm)

From the Criterion Forum:

Edition Filmmuseum, which releases films both old and new from German archives, is coming out with a Frank Borzage 2-disc DVD, including several early films (silents from the teens) and The River, described as "the most erotic film of the silent cinema." Dunno if that's true, but it was made by Borzage once he'd gained some fame (and political capital to burn), and it sounds pretty on the edge for the period.

This is the kind of DVD where if it does well, more Borzage is likely to appear on DVD. The man's been sorely neglected, given his stature during his career, and his appearance on DVD is waaaay overdue.

Street date: 21 Dec. Requires multiregional DVD player.

Preorder from Edition Filmmuseum


From alt.movies.silent:

Truus van Aalten.

from http://www.truusvanaalten.com

You may not have heard of Geertruida Everdina Wilhelmina van Aalten (I sure hadn't). She was a Dutch comedienne of the late silent era. She found herself as a 16-yr old teenager the winner of a UfA talent contest and went on to became quite famous in that period in both Europe and the US. Perhaps she's little-known today because the Nazis demanded she act in propaganda films if she were going to act at all, and she refused (Although, from what I can tell, she wasn't further harrassed for refusing).

She looks a bit like Louise Brooks (well, okay, she has a bob, anyway). We might have to take a deeper look into this.

Truus van Aalten website