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lady_wakasa [userpic]

Random Notes

July 2nd, 2005 (08:04 pm)

More from the almost-but-not-quite department:

I. I found out about Alraune during the Great Poster Debate below, and was thinking about it again recently. It sounds interesting; IMDB describes it as follows:

The plot (without spoilers) is creepy to begin with: a scientist (Paul Wegener) decides to experiment with humanity by creating a woman from the seed of a hanged man impregnated into a prostitute. Using two reprehensible creatures as parents, as well as artificial insemination (which is implied in the film, not stated as some articles on the film have indicated), the doctor aims to see if an individual's humanity is the product of nature or nurture.

The only prints available commercially are crap, but the Munich Filmmuseum restores it a couple years back so I'm going to contact them and hold out hope for a DVD soon.

Well, given my positive experience with Amos Judd / The Young Rajah, I looked for the book. The cheapest copy I find was $300 on eBay - and that was the cheapest by far. Apparently there was a limited edition translation in 1929, so it's relatively scare. But - if I could read German, I could get a copy for 32 euros... BIG sigh...

II. Speaking of Amos Judd... read the book, decided to find the play. Samuel French has no listing and recommended a library in the place where it was performed. Well, the NYPL doesn't have it. Not sure where to look now - maybe I could try the papers to narrow down a performance date.

III. After about three years I broke down and got a copy of Divine Intervention from Amazon.co.uk. Checked Amazon.com a couple months afterwards - yes, it will be released soon. >%^S.