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lady_wakasa [userpic]

Update ~

August 12th, 2008 (08:13 pm)

Well, *still* having problems with the pc setup, but the last bit is the upgrading to DSL (in a way that the phone company will actually follow through on).

But until it's straightened out - which should be soon - some quickies for you:

I. Upcoming Mr. Hulot

According to Wikipedia, Jacques Tati's character Monsieur Hulot will appear in the animated film L'Illusionniste (The Illusionist), due out next year. It was based on an unproduced script by Tati, and is being directed by Sylvain Chomet, he of Les Triplettes de Belleville (The Triplets of Belleville).

2. Day of the Jinx

For some reason, I've been running into a lot of "jinx" movies lately - you know, the type where half the cast and crew of a production dies within ten minutes of the completion.

First, there was the guy in imdb, home with a bum knee, who came up with The Curse of Dakota Fanning (who knew?). And National Public Radio in the States looks at a Batman (The Dark Knight) curse, but then reviews several others, such as The Exorcist and Macbeth. (I do feel sorry for the 1672 Duncan. Actually, Duncan seems to be a role to avoid.)

3. The State of Indie Films

Just to let you know: things don't look good.


Well, there is some progress on the ISP front, and I'm hoping to get this tied up very soon. The library is Pretty Good, but I need to be at home and getting things done.