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lady_wakasa [userpic]

Introducing: Evokative Films

May 25th, 2009 (12:02 pm)

Just heard about Evokative FIlms, a new Canadian distributor with several aims, mainly to bring international genre films to Canada in a responsible manner. It's early yet, but emphasis of the first few films seems to be Asian cinema.

From their website:

Evokative was founded in 2008 in Montreal by Stephanie Trepanier, who previously worked for Christal Films and the Fantasia International Film Festival (for which she is still contributes as Associate Programmer and Guest Services Director). The company's motive is to bring clever, entertaining and original international genre features to film enthusiasts across Canada.

Evokative Films has a fresh perspective on film distribution:

Evokative Films is innovative: Starting with the distribution of its films on environmentally friendly DVD packagings with added-value, Evokative Films will actively go towards the digital mediums of the new generation of film enthusiasts.

Evokative Films is imaginative: We show other realms of genre films than what has been massively distributed in the market, because we believe film aficionados want to see something other than yet another spin-off of what has already worked in the past.

Evokative Films is interactive: We call for the film fans' involvement in the entreprise. By actually listening to the fans’ wishes and being proactive in fulfilling them, we will create an essential collection for the genre film buffs.

Evokative Films is festive: Watching genre films is fun! Thrillers, chillers, dramas and comedies invoke strong emotions: fear, tension, empathy, joy, hilarity, you name it. We celebrate the wonderfully entertaining side of cinema!

Evokative Films is positive! We believe we will contribute to making international genre films attractive to a wider Canadian audience, because we believe in the new generations’s desire to travel through film and discover other nations’ visual voices.
Ambitious, but exciting for all that.

Their website lists seven films, from Parking, a quirky little film about being trapped by a double-parked car, in the vein of After Hours; Hansel and Gretel retold as a K-horror film; Black, a heist comedy whose protagonist is a Frenchman of Senegalese descent, suddenly doing a job in an Africa he's never been to; and the best-known of the collection, Park Chan-wook's I'm a Cyborg, But That's Okay (talk about the quirk). While at least the Korean contingent (whose movies on DVD always come with English subtitles) should be easy to pick up from sources like YesAsia, it'll be interesting to get a new source (and English-subtitled extras). Always fun to help out new ventures, as well.