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So who am I?

Lady Wakasa is a character in Kenji Mizoguchi's 1953 film Ugetsu Monogatari, the ghostly lover of Genjurô who entices him to stay with her for eternity.

I'd describe myself as a film buff who watches movies across the spectrum. My favorites are silents, early talkies, and foreign films; but in recent years I could've been spotted at Lord of the Rings, Lost In Translation, Master and Commander, Daddy Day Care, and Catch Me If You Can (among a whole lotta others).

Part of my movie-watching philosophy is that movies - especially as they age - most definitely reflect the times and societies in which they're made. Some project a crystal-clear reflection; some get refracted through a number of prisms. Sometimes just the fact that a movie is made is a miracle (or a curse, depending on the movie). Sometimes the fact that a movie still *exists* is the miracle. They're rarely good history, but they are very often a good social barometer. And it doesn't hurt that a good story is a good story, period.

In a fit of ambitiousness I started listing all the movies that I've ever seen (that I can remember) so,... here goes (in Excel).

A moment of fame...
A second moment of fame...
A third moment of fame.
And - at it again.

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